Afro-Latina Whose Life Changed from a Bug Bite

I was chronically ill for about 12 years before diagnosis with GI issues and terrible headaches with vertigo. I saw dozens of doctors who treated me for depression before I went to a doctor who told me she thought I may have Lyme disease. A few days later my test came back positive, and after a two week antibiotic "treatment" that left me feeling like death, I was pretty much left in the dark. It's already tough getting clear answers within Western Medicine, but add being a woman--a black woman--a black Latina and it seems like their is no help in sight. I'm hoping my story can change that.


Weekly BIPOC Virtual Support Meet Up

Join us Sunday's at 3PM EST through Zoom where we connect with other BIPOC Lyme & other chronic illness sufferers. 
I started this meet up when I realized there were no safe spaces for non-white people to say exactly what they feel & experience as well as be supported by others who look like them. If you would like to join  feel free to email me and I will give you the ID & password!


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