6 months of treating Lyme + co

Hello to my new subscribers and followers. This site, for me is still fairly new, as is treating tick borne illness. I know many of you are here because you saw my post on I just wanted to reach out and acknowledge your presence and if I can help you in anyway on your journey I'll do my best. Since my diagnosis in October I have been trying to educate myself as much as possible on this illness and the best way to treat. But for many of us we know treatment is not linear and often totally different for all of us.

I've received some messages and emails asking who is guiding me through treatment and I have been going to Longevity Health in Roswell, GA. I was actually referred by a friend of a friend who has Lyme and greatly improved. I can honestly say I have improved a bit since starting with them in March of this year. With that I will say it requires a ton of patience and being from NYC that was something I really did not have! Before this took over my life I told my body what we were doing, now I just listen to what it wants, when it wants it. I don't push myself past my limits anymore and now when I think about it wasn't good for me at any moment. We all need rest. There is really no way around it because sooner or later your body will force you to rest. My dad would always say if we had a cold or flu that our body was telling us it's time to take a break.

Currently I'm doing the Buhner protocol along with other supplements, herbals, and shakes from the health center to help detox. I've also done myers cocktail, HOCATT, & epsom salt baths so far. I'm looking into getting an infrared sauna blanket to help sweat on days where exercise is not happening for me. For me if I can sweat even a few minutes a day it helps, but I know for many of you, if you are just starting on this journey or just haven't found any relief it's tough.

If you have IG you can also follow me there as I am much more active there. My @ is NegraconLyme as well. Feel free to message me on any platform and I will try my best to respond in a timely manner. Just please remember I am on this healing journey now as well!

One last thing I realized after was that my name was spelled wrong on the article linking this site. On Facebook I am under Rhisa Marie Parera. Look forward to hearing from you all!

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