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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I was born in Brooklyn in 1990, and raised in Staten Island, NY to a Puerto Rican mom and spicy white Irish & Spaniard dad. I had a pretty typical divorced parent life at least when compared to my friends in the neighborhood. I was a latchkey kid who was a pretty shy until it came time for dodge ball. I played on a baseball team and would go rollerblading and bike riding with my dad on the weekends. Every summer I would go on vacation with my mom to different places. When I went into junior high I did a performing arts program where I switched from sports to my more artsy side. I initially went for acting but surprisingly was picked for chorus, me... who barely liked to talk to people. I can say I definitely started finding my voice, even doing school plays. Outside of school I started dancing salsa at a dance school in Brooklyn. That's where I really found what I loved. Dance became everything for me until college where my life was taken over again by school work and my job. I ended up studying video and t.v. production in college thinking I'd land some dope ass gig and be rich. Ha! Well that didn't go as planned but I roll with the punches. Now I'm 40k in debt, married to my cute hubs, writing this while I recover from a damn insect bite. It's about balance, right?

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