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Happy New Year!

Hey and Happy New Year to my fam, friends, and followers!

I hope you are all doing well. I've been feeling extremely well the last few weeks as my Lyme doctor prescribed me a medicine that finally addressed my brain swelling after 11 years. Relief! While I am grateful to have found this doctor, I can't help to be really angry that it took this long. But we keep pushing forward because that's all we can, am I right?

This post will be pretty short but I wanted to share here that I am in the process of pre-production for a short, 30 minute, screenplay I wrote a few months ago. It shows me from the onset of my worst symptoms, my experience with doctors and how I completely deteriorated. An actress and good friend of mine will be re-enacting it and I will be speaking in a sort of documentary style part. We hope to have this done within the next couple months. I know there are some documentaries and other film projects out there for Lyme, but I wanted to show my experience as a Black, Latina in the Bronx and my life at the time. It will also be bilingual so one character will only be speaking Spanish. I'm really looking forward to this work of art and I truly believe in it.

I am also raising funds to help cover costs of production. I know money is very tight for most people right now, but if you could even share my GoFundMe I totally appreciate it! Also if you are an actor, musician, or Black artist in NYC and are interested in being part, please reach out!

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